Since 1927 our mission is the success of your mission


Since 1927 our mission is the success of your mission

Innovation and know-how are the strong points of our abilities in manufacturing our designed equipment, as well as complex parts for third parties, in compliance with the most rigorous aeronautical specifications.

We can handle the entire range of high-strength aerospace steels and alloys, including maraging, inconel and titanium, the latter also with additive technology.

Our production is organized to manage all process steps from planning, industrialization, machining and assembly processes, with the support of the most advanced information systems, integrated with numerical control work centers and flexible systems with high technology and performance.

Standard raw materials and components, as well as selected special processes and surface treatments, are directly procured from major OEMs both domestically and internationally.

AEREA’s production capabilities also include manufacturing and testing of electrical harnesses and the integration of electronic components, increasingly present on our modern equipment, as well as composite materials.

Efficient integration among the Production, Engineering and Quality departments allows meeting the most complex Customers’ requirements, ensuring consistency in quality, on-time delivery, and responsiveness for small quantities and first production runs, as well as for larger scale series productions.