Since 1927 our mission is the success of your mission


AEREA is part of the Eurofighter Program since the 1980s, when the ACMA GmbH consortium, originally formed between AEREA and MBB and then extended to other companies in the involved Countries, was awarded the development of the entire panoply of new role equipment.


Since then, we have been responsible for the design and production of the ALDERU and AHDERU pyrotechnic ejector release units, as well as the sophisticated Forward Detent Assembly, common to all rail missile launchers integrated on the platform and other accessories and tools.

AEREA’s involvement includes the entire life cycle of the equipment, from development and qualification to logistic support and updating of configuration, development, and production of ground support equipment, drafting of manuals and training of user personnel, as well as underlying significant involvement in Build-to-Print activities for that equipment primarily managed by our work-sharing partners as a result of the original ACMA organization.

Participation in the Eurofighter program has expanded the scenario of activities, contacts, and operational contexts in which our equipment plays an essential role in contributing to the success of the mission, also supporting the continuous evolution of the weapon system.