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Ultra Light Release Unit

URU is the result of an internal study for an ultra-light 14” gravity release beam (> 2.5 kg) for use by small scale unmanned platforms. Its peculiar characteristics aim to maximize mission effectiveness and in-flight endurance of platforms with limited flight envelope and payload capabilities.


Its design flexibility supports an ample range of different configurations to comply with a large range of operational scenarios: it can be equipped, for example, with optional light pneumatic ejection capabilities, while its modular construction easily allows adopting different types of sway braces, based for example on the envisaged on-aircraft installation solution or the need to interface non-standard stores.

URU was conceived to combine ease of use and reliability in an ultralight package. Despite the lightness, its components retain the same main features of standard size release units such as “safety handle” and redundancy of the electrical release control system.


Overall dimensions: (L) 392 mm (Body W) 36 mm, (H) 94 mm
Mass: 2.5 Kg
Nominal Power Supply: 28 VDC
Hook lifting crutching system actuated via single operating point