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AEREA Short Range Missile Launcher

ASRML is a rail launcher to carry and release short range air-to-air missiles (SRAAM). It is configurable with either standard bail lugs (MS3314) compatible with 14” bomb rack in accordance with MIL-STD-8591 or with two bolts spaced 14” mating with the A/C pylon structure.


The forward detent mechanism retains versatility and reliability requirements on demand by previous programs, which makes the system compatible with both IRIS-T and AIM9 missile types.

Already qualified on the M346 trainer A/C, ASRML may be easily customized to any other platform also by internally integrating dedicated electronics.


Overall dimensions: (L) 2295 mm, (W) 138 mm, (H) 153 mm
Mass: 34.50 Kg
Lugs Kit: 0.70 Kg (14” spaced lugs type MS3314)
Mounting Bolts Kit Mass: 1.50 Kg (14” spaced bolts)
Electrical A/C Interface: D38999/20WJ43PN (9432 J21)
D38999/20WJ20BN (9432 J20)
Detent umbilical connector with SRAAM: 44094-30S-315 HIREL
Fwd umbilical connector with SRAAM: 257-458NFP2R-0000-0000
Ground Point: according to PAN6449-A from both sides