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Advanced Light Duty Ejector Release Unit

ALDERU is AEREA’s light ejector release unit selected by the Eurofighter Program for the Typhoon, a particularly challenging 4th generation swing-role platform, not only in terms of performance, carriage and ejection capabilities, but also due to the significant versatility in fulfilling a wide array of operational needs.


High ejection performance for the 1,000 lbs. stores are guaranteed by a pyrotechnic system fitted with dual cartridges, simultaneously activated by redundant electrical circuits and adjustable in terms of front/rear distribution of ejective force in order to ensure safe separation of a wide range of stores throughout the entire flight envelope. Interoperability with the most advanced weapons is ensured by the presence of “zero retention force” arming units, SSD connectors, and “strong point”.

Designed for safety of use and ease, and simplicity of ground operations, ALDERU incorporates an automatic crutching and preload system operable from a single actuation point. Mechanical solutions adopted for ALDERU are compatible with AEREA pneumatic systems, thus providing noticeable growth potential in terms of development and use.


Overall dimensions: (L) 611 mm, (Body W) 56 mm
Mass: 18 Kg
Store diameter: from 200 mm to 550 mm
Store Class: 1,000 lbs (14” space lugs)
Mechanical interface: as per MIL-STD-8591
Electrical Interface: two flying connectors type JN1003FG-16-26P