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Pneumatic Light Duty Ejector Release Unit

PLDERU is a lightweight (14”) high performance ejector rack, based on AEREA’s proprietary pneumatic system, featuring an integrated air tank and a high speed pneumatic solenoid valve, energized via double redundant electrical circuit.


Compared to legacy pyrotechnic solutions, the pneumatic technology allows a considerable reduction in operating cost, due to increased reliability and fewer periodic maintenance requirements, with no need for post-firing cleaning operations. It also guarantees absolute repeatability of performance and reduces fatigue reactions to the aircraft structure.

PLDERU meets requirements of the most advanced programs:
– Front/back distribution of the adjustable ejective force in order to ensure safe separation of a wide range of stores throughout the maximum flight envelope:
– Arming unit “zero retention force”, SSD and “strong point” connectors:
– Automatic hooking/unhooking and preloading systems, controlled from a single operating point, with the advantage of safety, ease, and simplicity of ground operations.
The PLDERU is adaptable to any Close Air Support or Advanced Trainer platforms, including the most sophisticated ones, such as M346FA (combat variants) and is ready for future updates, such as sensor integration for aircraft-to-store interface digitization.


Overall dimensions: (L) 613 mm, (Body W) 56 mm
Mass: 17 Kg
Store diameter: from 200 mm to 550 mm
Store Class: 1,000 lbs (14” space lugs)
Mechanical interface: as per MIL-STD-8591
Electrical interface with A/C: connectors type M24308-04-3F