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Hook Lifting Release Unit

HLRU is a family of 14” gravitational release EMRUs (Electro Mechanical Release Unit), energized via double solenoid and redundant electrical circuits.
Due to its high reliability, HLRU has been extensively adopted worldwide by various platforms, both fixed and rotary wing, including PC-21, M345, AW101, AW/T129, AW149, AW159, NH90, EC135 and many others.


For rapidity and safety of store loading operations, the kinematics of the HLRU allows the independent closing of the hooks which, once positively engaged, can be simultaneously raised, thus also guaranteeing an optimal distribution of the preload, as well as the repeatability of the alignment, which makes unnecessary any further harmonization procedure.
Safety pin and operating points are accessible from both sides of the unit.

HLRU is available in multiple variants, for land or naval use, and may install optional adapters, specific for non-standard stores such as torpedoes, pods, and special launchers. Moreover, based on actual mission requirements, HLRU may install arming units and single or double-connector flying harnesses, or wall mounted connectors.
Due to the growth potential embedded in its design, HRLU is suitable for configuration upgrades in support of new applications.


Overall dimensions: (L) 520 mm (Body W) 55 mm, (H) 145 mm
Mass: 4.9 Kg
Mechanical interface: as per MIL-STD-8591
Store diameter: from 280 to 540 mm (<280mm with adapters)
Store Class: 1,000 lbs (14” space lugs)
Nominal Power Supply: 28 VDC
Electrical interface with A/C or Helicopter: conn. type MS3475W14-19P
Hook lifting crutching system actuated via single operating point