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From the ALMA-A1 launcher for the Italian-Brazilian AMX Program to the latest variant of the F-35 air-to-air missile rail launchers, AEREA has considerable experience in design and manufacturing of missile rail launchers for fighter aircraft, meeting the most demanding requirements of both the aircraft and the weapon segment.


A major milestone was represented by the development of the unique design of the AEREA Forward Detent Assembly (FDA), adopted by Eurofighter for both its MFRL and ITSPL missile rail launchers. FDA is a multipurpose detent, immediately compatible with most short/mid range air-toair missiles such as AIM-9s, IRIS-T, ASRAAM, AMRAAM and generic BVRAAM (i.e. Meteor).

Its design encompasses:
• In Flight Operable Lock
• Mid body umbilical connector engagement/release
• AIM-9/ASRAAM striker point engagement/retraction
• FWD and AFT Snubbers actuation
• Electrical/Mechanical safety devices operation
• Electrical/Visual status indication for the main operating functions
For the F-35 Program, in the early 2000s, AEREA’s engineers were relocated to Lockheed Martin in Dallas- Fort Worth supporting the design of today’s LAU-151/152 missile launchers. Static and Fatigue life ground tests were performed by AEREA in our laboratories and LAU151/152 are now also manufactured in our Turate plant in support of the worldwide Lightning II fleet requirements.

A more recent development is the ASRML (AEREA Short Range Missiles Launcher), a lighter missile launcher successfully integrated onto Leonardo’s M346 in both underwing and wingtip installations. ASRML is easily configurable with either standard bail lugs (MS3314) compatible with 14” bomb rack in accordance with MILSTD- 8591 or with two 14” spaced bolts mating with the A/C pylon structure.